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Sustainable living- experience the reality...
Posted On 10/01/2009 17:56:17 by loubeeloo

I would like to mention here one particular eco-village project which I have had the fortune to be able to personally experience.

Coed Hills Rural Artspace (pronounced 'coyd') is in the beautiful Vale of Glamorgan.

This is possibly the most relaxed, family friendly & awe inspiring place i have ever had the pleasure of staying.

If you are looking for a place to learn new skills, ask questions about permaculture, renewable energy or community living, express your creative side or just have a chilled out day- this is the place to go!!!

The Organic Option: food that doesn't have to cost the earth-

Organic produce contains no hormones, poisons or antibiotics. I personally do not like  the idea of my fruit & veg having been coated with substances meant for killing beetles & slugs, or 'enriched' with chemical fertilisers, nor do I relish the fact that my spuds may contain jellyfish DNA.

The most economical, enterprising and quality assured way of eating fresh, fully ripened, organic food is to do as many of our grandparents once did and grow your own.

Freshly picked, fully ripened fruit & veg taste better than that which is force grown & mass produced. There is also great satisfaction in cropping, preparing & eating something which you've grown for yourself.

Please read my blogs on Hubpages for more views, tips and ideas on simple ways to make a better world for us all.

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