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Corporate Hippy - Part 1
Posted On 08/25/2009 05:27:27 by Byron

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Meet the corporate guy. Young, ambitious and enthusiastic with a desire to succeed in life and impress all around him. Only in his twenties, he has a six figure salary, company car and enjoys business class, five star travels all around the world with the company gold Amex. He’s the rising star in a multinational company. He seems to have it all to his family and friends and appears to be happy.

The corporate guy however, has a suspicion, a feeling, something he can’t quite explain. It’s a rumble rising from the core. Perhaps it’s his inner soul slowly bubbling to the surface of his vast, deep ocean of being. It’s distant and deep so he ignores it for quite some time.  He doesn’t really have time to think about it for he’s busy accomplishing things.  It’s there all the same; slowly rising until one day, he decides now is the time to dive deep in the ocean of his soul.

Fast forward ten years.

Meet the hippy guy. Yes it’s the same guy, on the surface anyway. He’s moved from the big smoke, the corporate life, the big money, the material things, and has purchased a beautiful piece of paradise with a rainforest gully, waterfalls, distant ocean views through the tall trees, and a flora and fauna that he’s only seen in documentaries.

Gone is the drone of the city replaced with absolute silence, except at times of the day when it is lovingly interrupted with an orchestra of nature. Gone is the tall concrete jungle replaced with a real green jungle. Gone is the stale, CO2 polluted air, replaced with an air that he never knew existed, a crispness and freshness that is exhilarating to inhale. Gone is the stress and pace of a frantic life in the city to be replaced with time to ponder and appreciate his family, friends, surroundings and his new life!

Meet corporate hippy. Does he feel insecure, for he no longer has a ‘career’, nice income and material possessions? Does he feel lonely and like an outcast, for some of his friends, family and society think he’s ‘thrown it all away’? Does he feel like a failure, for now he has less money in the bank than ever before? No, no and no, corporate hippy is extremely happy and content with a sense of inner peace. In fact he’s never been happier.

What happened to corporate hippy is an amazing journey. From corporate ambition and desires to a self sufficient ‘hippyish’ lifestyle and then back just a little, to a nice balance. He listened to that rumble within, gained some courage, sold his possessions, put a backpack on and traveled the world. During his journeys he received the most thorough and comprehensive education he has ever received, a worldly education in life. His life is now wealthy with non material rewards he never knew existed. Corporate hippy has discovered other currencies in life. It’s not easy though, for there is constant pressure to achieve his new goals and not be manipulated by others.

Part 2 begins his true education of life with doubts and fears, exhilarating highs and occasional lows, and a world he never knew existed.







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