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Go Green Living - How to Reduce Emissions With ECOMATES
Posted On 06/26/2010 12:14:28 by MitchellDillman

No doubt you've seen the recent reports on the Great Oil Spill in The Gulf of Mexico. Like me and so many others right now, you're probably sick and tired of it. Right? You're sick of the way we're treating our Planet and you want to pitch in and do your part to help clean things up. You're tired of sitting back and watching as we continue to pollute ourselves to death and you want to learn more about ways you can help. Well, that's great.

But what can you do? How can just one person do anything to help, you ask? Plenty...That's what! There are literally hundreds of simple things each of us can do everyday to collectively have a huge impact.

First things first though. Right now, you're probably asking yourself, just exactly who are these ECOMATES, and, how will they help me to reduce emissions? Both great questions.

In this article, we'll answer some frequently asked questions about carbon emissions. We'll examine the largest contributing factors to C02 emissions, and we'll take an in-depth look into ECOMATES and find out just how they can help each of us clean up the air we breathe.

What are Carbon Emissions?

Carbon emissions are also known as greenhouse gasses. These are gasses within the atmosphere that absorb and emit radiation within the thermal infrared range. Water vapor, carbon dioxide, methane, nitrous oxide, and ozone combine to make up the main greenhouse gases in the Earth's atmosphere.

As a direct result of human activity, especially the burning of carbon-based fuels, the levels of Carbon dioxide (C02) are climbing at an alarming rate. Many scientists around the globe believe these rising levels of CO2 are resulting in global warming.

What are Fossil Fuels?

Oil, coal and natural gas are all considered fossil fuels because they are formed from the remains of plants and animals living millions of years ago. All fossil fuels are made up of hydrocarbons, and release carbon dioxide when burned.

Fossil fuels are currently the primary source for almost 80% of the industrial world's energy. These are non-renewable resources that will eventually run out. Especially if BP has anything to do with it. Scientists agree, if we want to avoid continued dangerous climate change, we need to switch to renewable energy sources sooner than later.

Who Burns the Most C02

The industrialized nations on this planet have all burned fossil fuels for quite some time. They are all responsible for most of the human-caused carbon dioxide pollution in our atmosphere. Among the world's top economies, the U.S. stands out as a top polluter. Americans are responsible for nearly a quarter of global emissions of carbon dioxide.

Ultimately, C02 emissions come from people. Someone driving a gas-guzzling automobile is burning more fossil fuels than someone driving a new hybrid or highly efficient car. As individuals, we all have a responsibility to help protect our environment by making smart choices, pushing corporations to create market solutions, and demanding that our governments protect our shared climate.

Who are the ECOMATES?

Pre-launched on Earth Day, April 22, 2009, ECOMATES develops and markets scientifically formulated Green products, distributed through a person-to-person network, creating environmental and economical, green opportunities for all.

For some, the idea of going green and helping the environment is too big. Can one's individual efforts really make a difference? The answer is, Absolutely! The ECOMATES platform is designed to allow each individual to start from where they are right now, to ensure that every effort is making a positive difference as we collectively shift into green.

How Can ECOMATES Help Reduce Emissions?

ECOMATES is the distribution arm of Ethos Environmental, Inc., an environmentally-friendly fuel and oil additive manufacturer based in San Diego, California. After over 10 years of research, development and testing, Ethos FR and FR+ have emerged as the leader in fuel re-formulators, reducing emissions output and increasing fuel efficiency.

According to the California Environmental Engineering Lab (CEE) Research Director, Joe Jones, "The results of using the Ethos FR+ product showed significant improvement in lowering the tailpipe emissions and improving fuel economy." Both gasoline-fueled and diesel-fueled engines benefit from using Ethos. Ethos has been proven to only reduce emissions but increase fuel mileage by as much as 7% - 19% saving consumers more than it costs.

Now I don't know about you, but when a product comes along that is proven to save more money than it costs, it only makes sense to use it. More importantly, when a product comes along that has also been proven to dramatically reduce emissions, why wouldn't you use it?

In conclusion. C02 carbon emissions are BAD. ECOMATES is GOOD!

To learn more about ECOMATES, or many other sustainable living solutions, VISIT: http://dillmansolutions.com We'll leave the solar powered LED's on for you!

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