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Changes for the Planet coming soon!
Posted On 01/06/2011 11:13:45 by Gadgetman

Hello all.

I haven't been back here in quite some time because I found myself inundated with offers to buy Gold Bullion and to take dates with a vriety of buxom beauties from many nations around the world.

I don't have that kind of time, OR that kind of money!

Still, there's been a lot happen since March when my last blog was written. I have now performed my modification on over 600 engines, have mods in 17 coutries and at least 35 states. All with greatly reduced emissions and most gaining at least 25% in mileage.

Some get tremendouly higher gains. (Take a look at www.YouTube.com/GadgetmanGlobal and see the reports on The Gadgetman Groove for yourself). What is most interesting to me are the positions of Detroit, the EPA and other governmental agencies that "We have 95% efficiency on modern vehicles."

If that were true, it would be impossible to gain more than maybe 6%. Yet time and again I am seeing mroe than 100% increases.

Who do you think is lying? Mike Houseman? Suzanne Anderson? Ron Fielder? Dr. Balachandra? Do you think ALL my customers are lying? What do they have to gain by doing that?

Or is it much more likely that we have all been lied to byu those who stand to profit BILLIONS every DAY by selling their gasoline?

Did you know that (according to a report from teh DOE) that over 1,000,000 gallons of gasoline is consumed EVERY minute of EVERY day? That amounts to 1,440,000,000 gallons at $3 a gallon or over $4 BILLION dollars a day!

They don't want you to know you can do better. Even a savings to you of 25% means a loss to THEM of more than $130 Billion per year. And Tthat's just in the US alone!

The decision is clear.

The decision must be made to do whatever WE can to ease our financial burdens because the people who are profiting from our pain are not going to help us AT ALL.

We have been conditioned, people.

Take back your lives.

Ron Hatton


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From: Byron
02/03/2011 20:48:25

Hey Gadgetman, your posts are always entertaining and informative to read. Keep up the good work and keep sticking it to those multi billion dollar companies who continue to deceive for the sole purpose of more and more profit.

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