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Changes for the Planet coming soon!
Posted On 01/06/2011 11:13:45 by Gadgetman

Hello all.

I haven't been back here in quite some time because I found myself inundated with offers to buy Gold Bullion and to take dates with a vriety of buxom beauties from many nations around the world.

I don't have that kind of time, OR that kind of money!

Still, there's been a lot happen since March when my last blog was written. I have now performed my modification on over 600 engines, have mods in 17 coutries and at least 35 states. All with greatly reduced emissions... Read More

Car Companies, Big Oil and Dreams
Posted On 03/12/2010 22:15:54 by Gadgetman

I am an inventor. Truth be told, I'm really not much more than a gadget man and a tinkerer, but one who finally did something that worked.

THAT made me an inventor. It took 25 years to earn the title. 25 years of looking under the carpet, in the closets and in the cubbyholes of this planet. 25 years of trying the stuff the "experts" say won't work, to finally prove them wrong.

And who are these "Experts" I mention? they are nothing less than the leaders of some of the largest corp... Read More

Ethanol Fuel - An Alternative To Petrol
Posted On 12/04/2008 16:47:21 by martin

There are many alternatives to petrol out there now. You have electric, bio-diesel and even hydrogen engines that are being researched. But one of the leading contenders to petrol's crown as king is ethanol fuel. You could argue that it's leading the pack. But should we put all of our eggs in one basket?

You may be familiar with ethanol Fuel because it is really nothing more than good ol' corn whiskey. You could actually get drunk off the stuff but it wouldn't be very good for your hea... Read More

Hybrid Electric Vehicles - An Alternative Fuel Vehicle Story
Posted On 11/29/2008 06:48:03 by martin

Hybrid electric vehicles are a top contender to be the alternative Fuel vehicle, replacing the gasoline powered vehicles of today. They are efficient, reliable and becoming most cost effective every day. No wonder they're quickly becoming popular. Besides the "green" factor, the designs of these types of vehicles are also pleasing to the eye - unlike the early clunky looking models.

Popularly known as the hybrid, this alternative Fuel vehicle runs on battery electric power and good old... Read More

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