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Tag: Dioxide

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Carbon Dioxide Emissions - Only Part of the Story
Posted On 12/04/2008 18:11:44 by martin

When discussing the greenhouse effect it is important to keep in mind that things like methane emissions and carbon Dioxide emissions have been around for longer than humans have. Methane and carbon Dioxide are both naturally occurring gases that meet some specific needs in the natural order of the planet.

The problem is that, since the industrial revolution, we have been producing them in larger quantities than the planet can handle. Naturally, these gases then hang around in our atmo... Read More

Reducing Greenhouse Gas Emissions
Posted On 12/04/2008 18:10:48 by martin

Gas emissions and the greenhouse effect used to be a conversation that was reserved for environmentalists and the politicians that they lobbied. Now, however, with the recent support of Hollywood to popularize its cause, the word about automotive pollution and other greenhouse gasses has reached the ears of the masses. It is now common place to hear discussions about global warming and reducing greenhouse gas emissions in the midst of people's everyday conversations. Even political and religi... Read More

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