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A Composting Overview
Posted On 08/29/2009 23:08:44 by Byron



There is a great deal of organic waste that can be used to make compost. Small twigs, leaves, hedge and grass clippings, and other organic materials, including some kitchen waste, can all be used in composting, which is a very effective form of recycling. Material t... Read More

Using Organic Waste To Make Excellent Compost
Posted On 12/04/2008 17:44:38 by martin

There is certainly a lot of discussion in this day and age about the topic of "organics" and the meaning of the term organic waste. Any kind of waste products that originated in some kind of biological form can be considered organic.

Examples of some types of organic matter that results in organic types of waste products are: paper, including newsprint and cardboard; green waste elements, which include garden and yard waste; food remnants and waste; animal faeces; and sludges and bioso... Read More

Using Yard Waste In Composting Projects
Posted On 12/04/2008 17:41:46 by martin

In areas where landfills are starting to reach capacity, many councils and municipalities are encouraging their citizens to separate their yard debris from the rest of the garbage so it can be recycled. The yard waste is then used for composting and the Compost that eventually results is used to improve the soil in various public facilities, such as parks. Some local governments even allow a certain amount of the Compost to be used by homeowners for their lawns or organic farming endeavors.... Read More

Composting Helps To Improve Organic Gardening Soils
Posted On 12/04/2008 17:21:49 by martin

Building up sustainable soil for organic gardening starts right after the garden soil testing has been completed. The testing of the soil helps to identify the additional fertilizers and conditioners that can be added. When attempting to garden organically, testing, maintaining and improving the soil is a constant process and one that is well worth the effort, according to those who advocate organic farming and gardening. 

Creating sustainable soil for gardening organically means... Read More

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